Will Machines Replace Us? The Implications of Machine Learning

A Q&A with Sara Melvin, Data Scientist and UCLA Graduate Student Will humans be needed in the future or will machines replace them? It doesn’t seem plausible that machines will replace every human job. However, machines have been slowly replacing human workers since the Industrial Revolution, thus it’s […]

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Predictive Data Modeling: How it Works

A Q&A with Jin Yu, Data Scientist and UCLA Graduate Student What is the goal of UCIPT’s Twitter sentiment model? The goal of the Twitter sentiment model is to predict the sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative) of a given tweet accurately. However, it is only a part of […]

The Opportunities and Challenges of Working with Big Data

A Q&A with Wenchao Yu, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate What is your process of creating software to analyze tweets? The typical tweet analysis process includes four steps: data collection, data modeling, algorithm design, and performance evaluation. The very first step is to collect the data from Twitter. […]

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Social Media and the Social Safety Net

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher Using sentiment analysis, is it possible to predict a human being’s longevity? Do insurance companies check for applicant Twitter handles? I am not aware of any insurance companies that are currently collecting applicants’ Twitter handles. However, users often post suggestions about things […]


Money Management 101: College Students, Twitter, and Personal Finance

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher Is there a relationship between student credit scores and Twitter activity?   I am not aware of any studies that have examined student credit scores and Twitter activity. However, a recent study reported that Twitter activity (sentiment analysis) was able to […]

Twitter as a Job Search Tool

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher Are there ways that a college student can earn money on a part-time basis using Twitter? Are there scams that students should be aware of? Yes, there are ways that students can earn money by using Twitter. One of the first steps […]