The Role of Social Media in Political Protests

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher What does social media tell you about the state of race relations on UCLA’s campus right now? Many of the race relation debates that we see in real life are also taking place on social media. For example, recent police shootings in […]



Using Twitter to Gauge Sentiment in the Arab World

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher What psychological trends have you noticed on Twitter generally with the end of Ramadan? Ramadan, or fasting month, is one of the biggest Muslim holidays. For those who celebrate Ramadan, the month is dedicated to spending more time with family and only […]

Social Media and Distracted Driving

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher Are there any tools that would enable one to see if a driver is distracted by usage of social media on their smartphone? A recent report estimated that up to a quarter of motor vehicle accidents involve the illegal use of […]

Young man using smart phone in his car


How Tweets Reflect Emotional States

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher What do tweets typically look like when someone is sleep deprived? We have not studied this topic before. Sleep quality or deprivation are usually captured using “direct” measurements such as biometric sensors (e.g., Basis sleep bands) or sleep-related questionnaires. Nevertheless, I […]

Social Media, Stress, and College Life: The Freshman 200 Study

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher What are the most common topics of discussion for the Freshman 200 study participants? How closely do Twitter Trends and/or top headlines on Yahoo News align with Freshman 200 study participant discussion topics? Not surprisingly, one of the most common topics […]

Stressed Freshman Student


Prediction Technology and Gun Violence

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher What can UCIPT do to help predict gun violence on UCLA’s campus? The shooting that happened on the UCLA campus on June 1, 2016, was tragic. Predicting gun violence is an extremely complex problem. I think expertise from people in the […]

Digital Persuasion: How Social Media Predicts Consumer Preferences

A Q&A with a UCIPT Postdoctoral Researcher Using sentiment analysis, are you able to accurately predict the fashion preferences of UCLA students? We have not tried to predict fashion preferences for UCLA students. To do so, we would need data from multiple sources (e.g., Pinterest, Instagram) in order […]

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