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Chronic Diseases

IPMD’s Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Sean Young explains how artificial intelligence can be used to accurately diagnose chronic diseases






Mining Digital Behavior

In this video presentation, Dr. Sean Young discusses how to use social media data to predict risky sexual activity and drug use.






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Next Generation Information Systems

Dr. Tyson Condie shares his work on improving the performance and usability of big data systems.






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What Does HIV Prevention Mean to You?

Dr. Sean Young discusses his approach to HIV prevention and treatment with the Center for HIV Prevention, Identification and Treatment (CHIPTS).






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NIDA Television Spotlight

In this short interview, Dr. Steffanie Strathdee describes her experience managing training programs and providing mentoring advice.






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Predicting People’s Eye and Hand Movements

Dr. Sean Young conducts an audio interview with NASA’s Steve Ellis, PhD.