Selected Publications 

In April 2016, AsterixDB was awarded top-level project status by the Apache Software Foundation (for details, please visit the AsterixDB project website). An overview of AsterixDB may be found in the following paper:

  • AsterixDB: A Scalable, Open Source BDMS
    Authors: Alsubaiee S, Altowim Y, Altwaijry H, Behm A, Borkar V, Bu Y, Carey M, et al.
    Download file: PDF

The Cloudberry demo is explained in this working paper:

  • Towards Interactive Analytics and Visualization on One Billion Tweets
    Authors: Jia J, Li C, Zhang X, Li C, Carey MJ
    Download file: PDF

The following two articles are especially relevant to UCIPT as infrastructure for managing Big Data in support of prediction work:

  • Large-scale Complex Analytics on Semi-structured Datasets using AsterixDB and Spark
    Authors: Alkowaileet W, Alsubaiee S, Carey M, Westmann T, Bu Y
    Download file: PDF
  • BigFUN: A Performance Study of Big Data Management System Functionality
    Authors: Pirzadeh P, Carey M, Westmann T
    Download file: PDF